Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 starts

Starting the year off on a high!!!

As you can see Harrison has joined Connor at middle school. He is in year 7 and Connor in year 9. Grace is in her final year (6) of primary and Olivia is in year 4.

Grace was voted in as Vice School Captain and Vice House Captain (for her sport team). She also plays netball for Pints and is in the under 13's - she so talented, she's actually quite amazing given she is the shortest kid on the team (they call her "Little Pocket Rocket")

Connor is Captain of his soccer team and is in the Development Squad.

Harrison has just been accepted in to the Northern Suburbs Soccer team and going to Katherine next month.

Olivia has just turned 9 but play's netball for Pint's in under 11's! She's very good - she's got quite a bit of go about her - she is walking in (both of) her sister's footsteps - Georgie is also an awesome netballer :-)

Georgie is in her 2 year of teaching and loves it! She has lots going on this year not least of all being her wedding in July. There is some serious organising needed to pull a wedding together - fortunately the younger 4 have agreed to elope!

Shantelle is in her final year of her traineeship with Dept Transport and Infastructure. She loves it and looks absolutely fab in a pair of steel cap boots and hi-vis clothing :-)
Despite how it looks, Connor does have a right arm :-)

I told them to pose - Connor is looking a little judgy........
I am very proud of my beautiful children.

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