Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Mum would have turned 70 this month, it also marks 13 years since she died.

The photo of the cats is how I remember her. She never had two cents to rub together because she spent all her money on animals. She regularly woke up to boxes of kittens or puppies dumped on her door step (she was president of the RSPCA and the NT Cruelty Officer) - she tried to find homes for them......but that didn't always work. 

The other picture is of her at the Sisters of Charity - she'd do voluntary work (cooking)  for the old people in their care. She loved it.

Sometimes, I imagine that I look up and mum is walking towards me. Sometimes I think...........if I could have just one more day.

I have my own shit that I regret, but as I write this, I think of people I know and love who are putting their ego and pride in the way of repairing broken relationships. Is it better to be right or be happy?

It makes me sad,  there are no second chances!

I love and miss you Mum

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K said...

13 years? What a caring woman she was. She was always kind to me as a child and I know she would've doted on all your babies. I feel your heart in your words.