Sunday, October 7, 2012

LA Lakers

Kobe Bryant

This guy's last name is Hill - definitely a strong family resemblance!
OMG Arthur, we weren't here to see the cheer leaders - clearly he liked them we have so many pictures.....
We stopped at a cotton plantation on the way - feels just like, um a cotton ball?
The energy and excitement of a basket ball game was definitely an experience but by far the best show of all was at half time............

We didn't take pictures because we weren't expecting it and we were awestruck - About 2 dozen children with various disabilities came on and danced and did acrobatics. It was amazing, these kids, some with no legs, some in wheel chairs (one wheel chair bound girl flipped over onto her head, still in the chair and did a head spin) put on a fantastic show. There were really amazing and very talented and hands down, out did the cheer leaders!

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Kim said...

So how are the itchy feet? Man Id love to play with those cotton balls