Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And there's feeding time...........

See - who could resist those pancakes?
Clam Chowder & Jambalaya - love the bibs on Grayson & Arthur

This was a standard 1130pm meal after a full day at Disneyland - not unusual to have to wait for a table - even at 10.30!
Johnny Rockets - an authentic looking old American milk bar where we took Georgie in 1997 - place looks great but food was crap - I still loved it though!

There was so much to love about his holiday but the places were we ate were definitely right up there. Lunch was often a favourite of the day for two reasons - sometimes it was the best meal we'd eat but also the places were we ate it - next to beautiful streams, often with squirrels and sometimes with deer - so picturesque.

We didn't always go out for breakfast, sometimes eating cereal in the room but when we did, I would inhale the pancakes

Meals with everybody was a time to catch up and discuss the day's events and compare notes - definitely (another) favourite time of the day.

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Omg they are the worlds biggest pancakes and yes I to a good giggle out of the bibs, great adventure xc