Saturday, September 15, 2012

Disneyland day one

Our first day started off with a big vomit by Olivia in the room  and we didn't actually make it to the gates before it was Gracie's turn - so Art had to go back for a change of clothes and shoes.  my personal favorite (actually it was everyvodies)was the next vomit (by Grace) which shut down an entire ride - bunch of pussies, nothing a bucket of water wouldn't have sorted - it was a crap ride anyway. 

Now aside from that it was awesome - the kids were gobsmacked - and to share that with their mates (ok just us much fun for us too) was so exciting.

Out the door for take two - no sign of vomit so looking good :-)


Kim said...

would spew capture the spirit of graces contribution?

Leisa Fav Cous :) said...

Crap how did I miss this!!! That would have to have been priceless...and only you guys could pull it off :) mmm mmm!!
I hope the vomit is not on my mouse ears or minnie mouse dress Gracie.

munnfamily said...

god dam! you Hill's have to leave your mark all over the world. Blog looks great, and you all do too! keep on having fun xx