Friday, August 31, 2012

Kath Collins

In that beautiful, peaceful moment she whispered "you had a safe place to go when you were little Leigh, where was it?" 

and I knew instantly where it was - Mrs Collins's. Oh wow, how could I not have seen the roll this women played in my life until now?

She lived in the adjacent street to us in Brisbane and she often minded Chris and I. I loved it there, she was a stay at home mum, always home when the kids got home from school and on holidays, always baking (oh the lamingtons and cheese finger toast). They had 5 kids. It was organised chaos but there was always room for Chris and I. 

I finally wrote her a letter thanking her for what she had done for me. And you know what? She wrote one back to me and with tears streaming down my face (which incidently had a big smile on it) I read how she'd felt like she'd received a "Gold Medal" when she got my letter.

I'm incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to see, and to say thank you.

Thank you so much Mrs Collins, you made a beautiful difference in my life!


Kim said...

this is GOLD
just like the the life you created

Kathryn Collins said...

Thanks Leigh. I have some great shared memories with you and Chris in it, and your letter certainly had my Mother walking on air when she received it. :) It was not lost on me how your life mirrored hers to some extent. Thanks for sharing and for being a part of my child hood. Great times. :)