Monday, April 16, 2012


Georgie works at an early centre (part time) and one of the little boys there has a lisp and was heard swearing. When they asked what his father would say if he heard him using that language he said:-

"My dad would say" (now remember this little cherub has a lisp) - "Your a pack of cumps"

Yep, the girls had to rush quickly to the store room to pull them selves together before they could talk to him again!



munnfamily said...

that's GOLD!

Kim Hunter said...

Baaahaaaaaa! Love it. Sounds like you that time after a few needles at the dentist. That story involving Art, his board meeting, a loudspeaker phone and a misbehaving chicken if I'm not mistaken? The story you posted on your other Kim's Blog Page about three years ago?