Sunday, January 29, 2012

The five people you meet in Heaven

I love reading and have read hundreds and hundreds of fantastic books. But sometimes you read a book and you think, this one's a "must share"! (I have also read Tuesday's with Morrie, that too was a great read)
“This book is dedicated to Edward Beitchman, my beloved uncle, who gave me my first concept of heaven, Every year, around the Thanksgiving table, he spoke of a night in the hospital when he awoke to see the souls of his departed loved ones sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for him. I never forgot that story. And I never forgot him.

Everyone has an idea of heaven, as do most religions, and they should all be respected. The version represented here is only a guess, a wish, in some ways, that my uncle, and others like him – people who felt unimportant here on earth – realize, finally, how much they mattered and how they were loved.”


munnfamily said...

great, can I borrow it too? (five people you meet in heaven)

Kim said...

Bloggin with heart! tick