Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kim Hunter

Left to right: Nicky, Sally, Me, Alicia, Cerise and Kim

This is my friend Kim who I have known since I was five - she made me piss in her bathroom sink once - I only agreed because she said she'd do it to..........
Kim doesn't travel, but she came up in June to help me with the kids while Arthur was away. She's only had one child and she lives with her husband Mike in a quiet little flat...........Can you imagine what that transition must have been like for her? To her credit nothing fazed her and she didn't she yell at me or the kids (I suspect there was some sobbing in the bedroom)
I love you my friend, thank you visiting me and for all your help xoxoxox


Kim Hunter said...

Arhhh peeing in sinks, I fondly remember these fun filled activity. What about when we pee'd into bottles with the idea of trying to sell it as lemonade to the grade 1er's? Sigh...the memories. Firstly, I do sooo travel. I just haven't in awhile. And if I ever come up again I'm gonna get me on that milk run flight you booked me on - they just fill and refill your cup for the whole trip! You know me half a cup of wine and I'm under the table. Secondly, it was an immense pleasure being a small part of your beautiful family for that time. I love you and all your beautiful children. I am blind with love for them because to me they were all angels. And lastly,I told you to put up the skinny photo of me not this one. You know the one where I transposed my head on to Alicia's body. Yes that one. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay up there. You have really lovely friends, genuine, sincere, honest and loving. Thank you for introducing me to them. And I'll say it again, thank you for being my buddy Leigh. XO

Kathryn C said...

You both look GREAT!! And although having not met either of you until grade 2... I'm very very happy to be able to gain glimpses into your lives if not in person atleast through this blog & FB!! 35 years hasn't changed any of us!! ;)