Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Molley Percy Crackles Hill

This is Molley. Our loyal cat Soxy, who we had before Georgie was born (so she was at least 18years old) died June last year and I put off blogging her passing because I couldn't find a picture of her - stupid reason I know.

I also put off getting another cat because I felt that I didn't treat Sox as good as I could have - particularly towards the end of her life. I neglected her and got cranky because she kept peeing in the house, I didn't realise she was loosing control of her bladder because of her age.

Anyway this is Molley, we got her from the RSPCA and she is spoilt rotten!


Kim said...

I dont think that is a stupit reason and Molley percy crackles hill makes me cackle

munnfamily said...

Hi Kim... it's the 'crackles' that make me cackle!!!!!