Saturday, July 30, 2011

Faith and Courage

I have been following Kristian's blog since last year. He made a beautiful birthday movie for his wife Rachel's birthday and I guess because it had Hugh Jackman and the president of NZ, John Key in it, it went viral around the world.

This man can write, I mean really write, he has amazing gift, but what astounds me the most is his courage and his unshakable faith in God. He's about 35, has a beautiful wife, two beautiful children and unless there's a miracle, the cancer will kill him.

He's not angry or bitter at God, he's scared, hell, he'd have to be terrified, but not for one second has he blamed God. God loves him and has a plan for him, this he is adamant about.
I find that absolutely amazing. I have learnt a lot from this man.

The other day I realised that I have been avoiding his blog  - I know why, I don't want bad news! Pretty weak on my behalf I know. This is his blog address, the movie is on here (you have to look at "previous entries" but the you tube address will get you there quicker.


Kim Hunter said...

What a brilliant blog! Thanks for putting the link up. I'm devouring it. X

Kim said...

Hi mate, I checked it out when you mentioned it to me before and I must say I didnt really want to go there again, but Im glad you pointed it out again. Its very inspiring and full of love.

see u soon leighbreath, cant wait.