Saturday, January 22, 2011


Mum's been gone 10 years ago today, she would have turned 67 on the 4th January.

I dream about mum all the time, and after 10 years she is still dying in every dream - there is always a feeling of desperation and I'm always frantically trying to make things better!

I'm surprised that 10years on, the theme hasn't changed, but I'm sure one day I'll have happier ones - perhaps it's something to do with my thought patterns......

The picture is of mum, her brother Michael and their mum and dad (Jack and Mary).

I love you, I miss you and remember you every day.


munnfamily said...

As much as I think you look heaps like your father, I can see a bit of your Mum in you too.
Your grandmother looks really young.

Kim said...

sweet picture and heartfelt post. Dear lizzie

Leisa said...

Your mum would be sooo proud of you, I know we all are! I miss her dearly too.