Friday, October 29, 2010

Through her mother's eyes

The day finally arrived, Georgie turned 18 today!

I can remember following her as she waddled up the hallway in a cloth nappy thinking "wow, one day this little person is going to be able to talk to me" - and all too soon she did, and all too soon she learnt how to feed herself, dress herself, ride a bike - all of those milestones that as parents, we are incredibly proud for them to have achieved.

I don't feel sad that she is not my little girl anymore, that she has grown up - because I am extremely proud of the young lady she has turned into - she has a good sense of fairness and of right and wrong and when I think of her, I think of sunshine and laughter - the energy she radiates is really beautiful.
What does make me sad is that before I know it she will be packing her bags and starting her own life, one where I won't be involved in as much, one where I will only know what she wants me to know about. That this will happen is OK, it's how it's meant to be.
I often wonder about the saying "you can't be their friend AND their mother" - because Georgie is my friend and lets face it, there are times when you have to give your friend a swift kick up the ass and pull them into line. She knows when to just shut up and pass me the tissues and she also knows how to make me laugh so hard that sometimes.........a little bit of pee comes out....................

People say we look alike, but there was only that one time when she was hanging up-side-down on the monkey bars when I thought, "Gee, she does look a bit like me". HOWEVER I know she's mine every time she open's her mouth.

I think she has enormous potential to make a difference in people's lives, she has a gift. But at the end of the day I just want her to be happy always.
We love you GG



I think this is my fav blog. Just wonderful to read and as a mum very comforting. Georgie is very much a Ray of sunlight, and we are all lucky to know her. Xxx ce

Kim said...

You and Art created this gorgeous girl through your special talents of being in this world. She is the reflection of you both and it is right that she be adored by everyone.

Anonymous said...

And we love her too! xox

Kim Hunter said...

You sure know how to make someone tear up. Pass me some tissues GG. Yes I agree this is my favourite blog - in fact I like it more than my own. Georgie is a magnificent human being I really mean this. You and Arty are quality people, real treasures in this world, and you have passed these noble qualities onto your children. Well done you two. (and don't even get me started on how good looking all your children are either!) Happy birthday Georgie you are truly a wonderful person. Why? Because when we all think of you joy fills our hearts. XO (Corney I know but it's true)

Kim said...

great comment Kim I second that

Kim Hunter said...

I have to comment on GG again, the pics are just too cute. I am soooo clucky... XO