Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Hero??

I'll set the scene....................

It's night time on the ocean, Damian has just dropped Arthur off to bring the trailer down to pull the boat out.

There are four children on the boat between the ages of two and eight.

Damian decides to take a leak off the back of the boat.

Claire, the two year old knocks the throttle and the boat takes off. Damian falls into the ocean!

Which one of my children takes control of this situation and saves the day (night)?

Harrison, the child that watches EVERYTHING and only has to be shown something once!

I am so proud of him, Damian yelled out to Harrison to turn the boat off and despite not having been shown, he knows to pull the leaver back to neutral then turn the boat off with the key!

He's so smart...................and beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Not only is he a handsome handsome boy, but he is obviously very very clever as well. Bet you were one very relieved mother. xox

Kim Hunter said...

Man that must have been scary? Well done Harrison. Very brave and clever young man. Please give him a cuddle from me.