Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random Act of Stupidity?

Last weekend Nicky picked me up at her house (in our car) after I had dropped Arthur's work vehicle off at their house (he was over the limit).

So we wound the windows down and turned Neil Diamond up full blast and drove slowly down the Nightcliff foreshore, stopping to ask (yell) several people if they wanted a lift.

And if this wasn't bad enough, with Kentucky Woman blaring, in an 8 seater people mover, arms hanging "cool like" out the window we drove slowly around the jetty car park which was full of teenagers, giving them the peace sign and asking them (again, yelling really) how they were - what's crackin? How'z it going? Sup?

The only thing that would have made that any better was if one of our teenagers happened to be down there with a bunch of their mates.

We laughed so hard we nearly wet ourselves. Embarrassing? Yep! Fun? You bet it was!


one perfect day said...

Feel the fear and do it anyway!!!
embrassing but so much fun being alot silly.

munnfamily said...

Youth, thats what it is! We get too old too fast.

Kim said...

i thought i was the only neil diamond fan left... girl, youll be a woman soooooon


How hard did I laugh, oh my God I remember those days, 16, borrowed Dads car, pump up the radio when a good song came one and cruzed around Darwin, awersome. How much fun, now its just me singing as lould as I can with the windows up and the kids pleeding me to stop, lol,:)
Great story, really shared the moment, thank you :)

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Neil Diamond??? ABC??? What is the Territory doing to you??? *Sigh*
No Fan Club for you!

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Promise me - no more 'Random Acts of Country'. Please!