Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nanna Ward

I had a dream about Nanna last night. I don't remember ever dreaming about her before.

I was crying and she held my face in her hands and said, "It's going to be alright Leigh, it really is". She pointed to a women I have known for a long time and said "she has always been a mother figure to you". She kissed me then walked out of the room. I followed her and watched her walk down the street.

It was very vivid. She was exactly as I remembered - her face, her touch and her smell.


Sleeping in Gordon's old room: Comfy bed, crispy white sheets, clock ticking, gentle breeze blowing through the curtains beside the bed.

Orange cake with passion fruit icing

Sitting in the kitchen with Nanna drinking a cup of hot tea on a cold winter's day

The smell of Nanna's face powder

Walking to church then to coles to get liver for the cat's dinner

Chris and I sticking (with spit) thorns from her rose bushes on our noses, running around the yard pretending we were rhinoceroses

Nanna is sitting on the right, dad's in front, her sister Jean beside her and Chris and I. Taken at Kingaroy 7 January 1971.


munnfamily said...

I love hearing about memories, one of mine is the early morning ABC news and the smell of tea and toast, all while I am still tucked up in a nice warm bed.

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

When my grandma died, her body powder was one of the things I requested. My family thought it was a strange request. From my other grandparents such things as: my Pop's singlet, a lace over skirt thingee my Nan used to wear, my other Grandad's hair brush. My family was just going to throw these things out. To me they are the most precious things. X