Friday, January 22, 2010

9 years ago today

It's mum's anniversary today. She didn't ever talk to me about the fact that she was dying, and I certainly didn't have the courage bring it up.

The only thing she spoke to me about was that she wanted "Highland Cathedral" by the Royal Scots Dragoon played as they lowered her into the ground.

Sadly someone left the tape player in the sun and when the time came, it wouldn't play. It still upsets me to think that the only thing she could bring herself to ask for was ruined. I wish I had of had the nous to ask someone to play it on their car stereo!

A couple of days after the funeral, Arthur, Georgie and I, and mum's best friend Maureen went to her grave with the stereo and played it for her. And you know what happened? It was a really hot day, but the coolest breeze wrapped itself around us and I'm sure mum was saying thank you.

I love you Mum!
Missing you more each day!

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Kim Hunter said...

The song was playing in your heart, and she would have 'heard' that. Beautiful.