Monday, October 26, 2009

Robbie's 200th Game

Yesterday it was Robert's 200th game of football. He plays for Nightcliff Tigers and we went down to watch the game. All of his friends wore yellow shirts with the number 3 on the back and the little kids ran through the banner onto the field with him - he carried Livvy through the was very cute! Arthur stayed after the game (which, sadly they lost by 4 points) to help Robert with his Keg - Art's good like that, always looking for ways he can help his mates out!


Anonymous said...

What a super star. I can remember when we called him "Robbie Salmon".

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

What a pal Arthur is eh? lol Livvy must have had lots of fun too.

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Look at Robert's fan club all gathered around him! So cute.