Sunday, June 21, 2009

Work in progress.............

The last couple of years have been an amazing journey of self discovery for me - and it's been my freedom! I was on the right track, but what really kicked it into gear was Cre8 ( "stop f~cking around and get real with your life"). It was also good to go back with Arthur and to learn stuff about us as a couple - to look at the games that we play (you'll never guess............our lists were VERY similar), the habits we'd developed that served no useful purpose in our relationship and discovering what was working for us and what wasn't.

Anyway on this theme, a few months ago I started doing Radix - Body Centred Psychotherapy( ) and it's been a very interesting process. It's difficult to explain how it works, but I have learnt so much about myself and I'm really enjoying it.

I never want to stop learning about myself and doing work on myself. It's great for me, great for my relationships - especially with my husband and my children.


Kim said...

Leighbreath, another good post. I checked out the site and it looks fab. Im doing the same kind of stuff with my art therapy. Today is my 12 year anniversy of baptism. I feel alot of stuff started to sort out from that day way back then. And the best thing is that all the nasty wrong stuff I did was cleared away. Like a kind of line in the sand. Now I see with out that line, I would not have been so commited to keeping my word on a number of issues that are have been benificial,mainly for my peaceful soul. Im so proud of you!!!!



Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Yes I read this the other night and checked out the link too. I was familiar with the work of whatshisface Reich from Uni.
But I forgot to write my comment. I am so grateful to be the age that I have you to bounce things off of. I really enjoy our conversations. XXX

Anonymous said...

Yes well hopefully it will be great for me too my electronic friend Leigh.