Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Things............

I heard this song on the ABC radio (Mate - I'm at the ABC listening age OK!!) and I just love it. I think it was recorded in the 70's? Anyway after much p!ssing about I finally managed to upload it to my blog so you guys could listen to it. Kimbo, I think you'll like it (with a name like "Good Things" how could you not!) and Kim H, I have already made you listen to a bit of it during one of our many phone calls (I am a little obsessive!).

I hope at least one of my readers enjoy it - The younger kids still think I'm cool and we all sing along to it in the car - they know it word-for-word it's very cute!
The picture is of my good friend Kim and her husband Mike taken at our family BBQ in October. I was thinking of them as I posted this song.........

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Kim Blank-Hunter said...

OK first things first; You listen to the ABC?! Radio ABC?!!! See what all dat country livin' has gon en dun fer ya?
Secondly, the song, reggae AND country in the same song...well, it's just kosher. Sorry.
Thirdly,send me the original of this pic, I want to photoshop my butt.