Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gail's 50th

On Saturday night we helped celebrate my Auntie Gail's (Ward) 50th ! It was a surprise party so she got quite a shock when she walked in the door...................... I think there were some pictures taken of that, but am not sure by who (not me anyway). It was a lovely evening! I so love having family in Darwin and Gail is such an easy going person, I really enjoy spending time with her(not that I spend enough though)!
The picture: Shantelle holding Olivia, Dayna holding her son Maverick, Gail, me, Kerry (a second cousin of Dad's), Justine (not the best picture - she's actually quite beautiful!!), Georgie and the two children are (Justine's) Tyler and Eryn! The only one missing is Ellana (another stunner - Gail got a perfect 3 out of 3 with her girls).

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NS said...

Yep - tits and teeth suit you!!!