Thursday, July 3, 2008

We have just come back from a 5 day camping trip to Wiligi (at the bottom of Coburg) with Arthur's dad, sister and her 3 children. It was very relaxing and the kids had a fantastic time! Disappointingly I only got out on the boat once, but my only choice was several hours fishing in the morning or the same again in the afternoon - the boat was there to fish and fish only - too long and too much sitting around for me!!! Not surprisingly they caught about 50 fish (Golden Trevelli, Barracuda, Mackerel, Cod, Queenie and Parrot) Anyway as you can see it was a beautiful spot, very secluded and we camped 20metres from the beach (lovely listening to the waves lapping the beach at night). You're not supposed to swim there because of crocodiles but we had a hard time keeping the kids out of the water (I just told my kids to keep their cousins in front of them at all times!!), so we kept "lookout"and made sure they didn't go out too far! On the day before we left Georgie and I sat on the beach and watched a crocodile swim across the beach in front of us.................we found out that night it stalks the beach (considering Brian anchored the boat and swam out to it daily he was very lucky). It's been so long since we have been camping, I'd forgotten how beautiful the sky is at nighttime - so many more stars then what you see in town!

Olivia stayed with Alicia and Robert. Robert works as a fire fighter at the airport and was on night shift (not many planes crashing - he sleeps!!!), so he came home every morning and played Mr Mom while Alicia went to work. They are fantastic with our kids anyway, but they had a great time looking after Limmey...........however the little sh!t has come home spoilt rotten!!

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