Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who does that??

So I take Harrison to a Psychologist today - it turns out he's been experiencing "anxiety" (that's the $125 word!!) anyway, as soon as she gave me the diagnosis the penny dropped - why I had to pay someone to tell me that I don't really know!! Anyway Harrison and I started to have a "discussion" about a lolly he found in my bag and I do the count on him (we do 1-2-3 Magic) and that worked and the psychologist was quite impressed - complementing me in fact........ 10 minutes later he was annoying the crap out of me about something and what do you think I did??? - I smacked his ass didn't I!!! - WHO DOES THAT??? It was by no stretch of imagination a hard smack, but as soon as I did it I was bloody mortified, wondering if there was any chance she was visually impaired with a hearing problem that hadn't been noticeable for the last 45mins - no she didn't say anything.

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NS said...

Spoze Art cant do a thng with his hair?