Monday, May 26, 2008

Elton John

We went to Elton's concert last Saturday night and he was amazing. I have seen some pretty big name bands in concert but none of them was a match to him. He is really lovely. I must admit we don't even own any of his CD's but we really enjoyed every second of the night!
My car isn't working at the moment and I borrowed Arthur's car on Thursday and a P plater drove into the side of my car! Her (brand new) car will need to be replaced, but by comparison ours got very little damage (maybe $5/6000 worth). I had Grace and Harrison in the car and the were both sitting against the side that got hit - apart from an egg on Grace's head they were ok, but Grace wasn't really happy and had a bit to say - Harrison couldn't give a toss.
I have to tell you though, Harrison has been anal about putting his (and the other kids) seatbelt on (correctly) ever since. Funny how that works because about a year ago Harrison got lost at the shopping centre and ever since he does not let me out of his sight and if any of the other kids are lagging he gets quite upset at them. One hell of a way to learn a lesson - but bloody effective!!!

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