Sunday, November 4, 2007

Little Johnny Howard

Arthur, Olivia and I got to meet John Howard today! And I have to say we were both very excited. I got a phone call on Friday night inviting us to a sausage sizzle (just the party faithful.....) I was a little surprised because Art and I are both members of the CLP(Country Liberal Party), but it's Art who goes to all the meetings etc, however I do part time work at the local Federal MP's (Dave Tollner) office so that's how that came about! OK, I felt just a LITTLE important. Anyway we forgot the camera (very happy about that) Dave's wife took pictures for us - don't worry as soon as I get them I will post one up for you all to see - I'm sure you're all hanging to see them!

My opinion of him (just in case you're wondering) - nice, funny and short

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