Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good to know I can

I have just come back from another trip to the Gold Coast for Greatness In You. Each time I go down they ask if I want to do anything with the class and each time I say no. Although they pay for my trip, I haven't ever felt pressured.

It's my nerves and (apparent) lack of confidence. Anyway, with the help of Laura, who started about the same time as me and is an awesome motivator, I did several exercises with the class and I was surprisingly comfortable doing it - actually you know what - I LOVED IT! It was huge for me! I really can't wait for next time.

I have organized GIY to come up here in November and do a "Really Living" seminar. It's the follow-on from GIY and since there are so many of us up here that have done it, I had a great argument to get them up. I'm also organize an informal information session - all very exciting :-)

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Kim said...

thats the spirit tiny steps at first