Thursday, July 14, 2011

Greatness In You info night

Organising this was a challenge for me and I am happy to tell you it was a great success! We had nearly 40 people and it meant so much to have most of my friends come along and support me (It was free and was about 1 hour out of their lives and whilst they may not have understood what it was about before they came -and god love them for coming despite this, they certainly did by the time they left!)

Lyall is a great speaker, very entertaining. It definitely had an impact, several people are planning on going to a seminar (one good friend went last month and another this month) which is great because, after they've done it, they'll tell their friends, who'll tell their friends...................such a fantastic life changing experience!

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Kim Hunter\ said...

Well done Leigh for organising this. I'm sure it was great. I like their logo - Happiness is not a future event.