Saturday, March 5, 2011

Greatness In You

I have just come back from another 4 days at GIY on the Gold Coast - you all know how I feel about these amazing people and what they do - this is what I want to do, helping people is what I'm good at.

And I want to tell you this......
Most people will argue that they don't need to go to something like a GIY course, but everybody has a past and this I know is true - IF YOU DON'T ADDRESS THE PAST YOU CONTINUE TO REACT TO IT

But it takes courage and complete honesty, brutal honesty - about what REALLY happened and how you REALLY felt about it.

We all make decisions about ourselves as children, in fact we create the person we are now in those first 12-13 years of our lives. But those decisions we make about ourselves, we carry them into our adult lives, they impact on our relationships - the people we love. I'm not talking about our beautiful qualities - we all have those.

And if you say you had a great childhood, nothing worth revisiting - I say BULLSHIT, that's not possible, if it was, you'd be perfect and nobody's perfect!

Who's still living in their story? - "Oh this happened to me.......I can't move on from it". YOU CAN do something about it -IT'S TIME YOU DID!!!

Holding onto feelings of guilt, anger, resentments serves no purpose and these feelings you carry around with you take up space in your heart where love could be!

You can't put a price on happiness (get a bank loan if you have to), you'll absolutely think what you get out of it is worth what you paid.......and a whole lot more.

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Leisa said...

Can you believe this I'm first to comment! All I can add to that is 'GO GIRL, you'll be fantastic at it! And what Leigh says is so true, it changed my life, saved my marriage I highly recommend it to all.

sally said...

Well written Leigh,

I read two Quotes earlier before reading your blog, then felt i should share them!!

"Holding onto anger is like holding a hot coal! the only person it hurts is the person holding onto it"

"Failing to forgive is like drinking a bottle of poison and waiting for the other person to die"

Kim Hunter said...

Good stuff.

Kim Hunter said...

Oh the words just flowed from me didn't they?!

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