Sunday, August 8, 2010

A New Journey

Last weekend Dad did the Greatness in You Seminar on the Gold Coast and I had the privilege of being there with him.

It was an absolute pleasure to watch the transformation, the letting go of the past, understanding, forgiveness, peace.

For Dad it was the beginning of a new journey filled with love, for himself and for the people important to him, living in the now and enjoying every part of the present!

While walking in the park over the weekend we kept coming across beautiful Frill Necked Lizards and I looked up their meaning/what they represented: Survival & transformation, the ability to let go!

The song they played for Dad was "Love is in Air" - and it was a perfect choice!

Robyn and Emma drove down from Brisbane and surprised Dad at the end of the seminar - it was very special.

I love this picture - check out the carefree young man on my right!


munnfamily said...

what a lovely photo, he looks alot younger!

Kim said...

this is amazing girlfriend! He does look so much younger. Its a testiment of your healing ways. Proud of ya!!!

Anonymous said...

See - you have bought tears to my eyes AGAIN. You are such a little girl. It is amazing that you always have so much to give. I love being able to say you are my friend. And I too are very proud of you. xox

Kim Hunter said...

I'm so happy for him. You both really. X