Monday, May 17, 2010

Autumn Colours

While at Greatness in You Georgie did her Life Line and something of great significance came up for her.
At mum's funeral a woman Georgie had never met before had a go at her about the colours of the dress she was wearing and told her that the dress was very inappropriate for a funeral. Georgie never said anything to me about it, I guess she thought I had other things on my mind. Georgie and I can't remember too much about the dress, only that it was definitely Autumn colours.

I can only imagine how that made her feel!

So eight year old Georgie made a decision that day. She decided to be very careful about how she dressed and she has never worn or purchased anything other then safe "moderate" colours -crazy when you think about what a bright, happy disposition she has!

The colours of Autumn have been on my mind a lot lately. I have been thinking that they are quite beautiful and were very appropriate colours for Georgie to be wearing to celebrate mum's life.
And as if to reinforce my thoughts, my girlfriend Kim, out of the blue, sent me these beautiful Autumn leaves from Canberra. She didn't know my Autumn thoughts. But something made her collect those leaves and send them to us.


Kim said...

thanks for filling me in on your thoughts. Gorgie should wear the colours that make her happy and like you I think vibrant to match her gorgeous energy. There are people who can work out what colour pallete really suits a person. I had mine done when I got to C-town and its the best $180 I spent ever.

Kim Hunter said...

I agree. Georgie is so 'alive', she is beautiful inside and out like her mum! (You can fix me up for this later) Love the leaves. All the different coloured hues. Inspired to look at leaves down here now. X


To hold that in for so long, to feel those horrible words fro such a little girl, what a fucken bitch sorry but only thoughts that come to mind, poor Georgie :( very sad.
I don't want black worn at my funeral and again I don't want overly bright colours like hot pink and fluro yellow, Autumn colours would be lovely, also the colour of the sea and of the forrest :)so to me the dress sounded beautiful, perfect, after all she was a little girl who just lost her Granny, sad enough with out the darkness of black. Be colourful Georgie life is yours not anybody eles xxxx Ce