Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Greatness In You

Last week Shantelle and I attended a course on the Gold Coast, "The Greatness In You". http://greatnessinyou.com.au/

I had heard wonderful things about this program, had in fact encouraged my cousin Leisa and her husband Gavin to go (which they did in December).

I needed Shantelle to really look at her life (the past) and make the connection between that and what was happening in her life now and how it affected the choices she was making.

I also knew that I would get something out of it.

You all know what an amazing life change "Cre8" was for me and honestly, I would not have thought ANYTHING could have topped it!

But I hadn't attended GREATNESS IN YOU!! (FYI, the founders of Cre8 started out doing GIY)
Did we unpack our backpacks? Did we take those suckers off and shake the shit out of them? (quite clearly I'd kept a little keepsake in mine!) You bet we did! The process is very emotional, confronting, painful and exhilarating.

I don't know anyone that wouldn't benefit from doing this course - it brings about a shift in how you feel about yourself, your life and other people! I know lots of people experiencing emotional pain and whether they'd admit it or not, it runs their life!

I'm taking Georgie in April, I'm so excited for her!

The absolute freedom and joy that comes from dealing with and dumping your shit is priceless - it's freedom!



monnique :) said...

can not wait t0 hear how georgie goes xx

Kim Hunter said...

'...dumping your shit...' Priceless. lol